NeoCoil™ - Innovations to SHARPEN your image

Patients listen to music and not the MR noise with these headphones which connect wirelessly and does not have cords that can twist around patients. No metallic parts means the headphones can be used inside the bore.

Inovations to SHARPEN your image

NeoCoil is a leader in MRI RF coils, patient comfort and audio entertainment accessories that improve your patients' experience while optimizing your scanner investment.


This flexible 16 channel MR coil is a alternative to hard plastic coils to produce superior SNR and image quality.  It is compatible with 3T GE 16 channel Optima and offers a flexible wrap for optimal fill factor and high SNR.  These MR coils can be used for upper and lower extremities, chest, abdomen, pelvis, head, neck and spine.

NeoCoil is committed to producing the highest quality medical devices and maintaining its reputation for excellence through customer satisfaction.

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Contact us about all of our MR products made in the USA.  We design and manufacture MR coils, headphones, and accessories here in our facility in Pewaukee Wisconsin.  These MR coil and accessory products have USA quality produced by USA employees.

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